Showdown (Nathan & Joshua)

Their first encounter


Jendra had never seen such a lovely thing in all of her life. She quickly kicked the doll into some nearby bushes hoping to take the doll for herself after the Rickshaw passed. She placed her eyes squarely on the road before her and continued on.

Just then, with all the grace of an acrobat, Amelia jumped from the Rickshaw, and lighted on the ground nearby.

“My doll! Did you see my doll?” she asked.

Jendra clumsily looked around, and feigned ignorance. “I haven’t seen a doll. Perhaps it fell out earlier?”

“No, I was just playing with it,” said Amelia the skewer of meat still in her hand.

Jendra looked at the meat greedily, as her stomach again rumbled with hunger. “Hey friend, I could help you look. Would you mind giving me a bite to eat in exchange?”

Amelia looked at her with a kindness that made Jendra suddenly self conscious. “Sure, you can have this, if you help me find it.”

Jendra’s eyes widened and she readily accepted the offer. She carefully lowered the buckets, and wolfed down the meat, then began halfheartedly looking around.

Amelia was a bright girl and immediately went for the bushes nearby, and found the doll.

“My doll! I wonder how you got so far into the bushes? It’s OK, your safe now.” she said to the doll, then turned to Jendra, and smiled. “Thanks for your help!”


Maneuver: Jendra whips Gregreal around and smashes Lady Amelia in the legs, maiming her.

You will now describe your Maneuver, then the beginning of the next flashback and set your agenda.

Their first encounter

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