Showdown (Nathan & Joshua)


Their first encounter

The day was hot, and the air was thick with humidity, the kind that settled deeply in the lungs as one breathed.

Jendra a young preteen girl walked along a dusty road. She was weak with hunger, and carried two large buckets of water; slogging them along, doing her best not to drop any on the ground.

The sound of footsteps came pounding up the road from behind her, and within moments a rickshaw, drawn by a large yellow skinned brute with long black hair, passed Jendra; dust blew into the air in its wake.

Squinting her eyes against the dirty cloud, she looked up and spied a beautiful young girl in the back of the rickshaw, eating strips of roasted meats, skewered on a long stick.

Jendra licked her dry dusty lips, and she heard the rumble of hunger in her belly.

Just then the rickshaw hit a large bump and a small doll fell at Jendra’s feet.

Agenda: Jendra wants to get Amelia to give her some of the meat.

At this point you will state your Agenda.

You will then choose your attack card, after which you will look at my selection below. Once you have looked at my selection you will decide if you want to play a stance card (because you have the Upper Hand.)


Then comment with your agenda, and either the stance card you are playing, or the fact that you are not going to play a stance card and send me an email letting me know it is done.


Amelia stops the rickshaw to retrieve her doll

d10 A mighty Blow


No stance for me.

You will get the dice result by email.

Duel~ Nathan: 1, Joshua: 4
I get the Upper Hand, since I rolled high.

Flashback~ Nathan: 4+2=6, Joshua: 3
You get the Flash of Insight, since you rolled low.

Inflict Pain and Suffering

Flashbacks and Revelation

You won the Flash of Insight so you get to change one of my qualities. Once you have done this, I will get to narrate the resolution of the flashback to show Amelia in a cool way, and demonstrate my new negative quality and your victory regarding your agenda, I can also get my agenda if this does not overshadow your victory in anyway.

Because I have won the Upper Hand, I get to put my d6 card back into my hand, and you will get to narrate the the duel. You should also demonstrate your stance somehow, but need to be sure to make sure I am the one that looks cool, and not overshadow my victory. You can also have your maneuver happen as long as it doesn’t distract from my victory in anyway.

I suggest you post your change to my quality in a comment here, and start a new Adventure Log for narrating the Duel.


Ok So jendra goes from honest to Deceitful Street Rat, or Deceitful Thief, if you feel that might work better to explain the quality Change.

According to the book that means you write the flashback outcome first then I do the combat


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