Showdown (Nathan & Joshua)

The Showdown begins

The Showdown takes place in Amelia’s estate. A large two story building, elaborately Furnished , a lot of open space but plenty of tight corridors as well. outside in the courtyard there is a fountain with over a dozen enchanted floating rocks and boulders orbiting about a water spout creating a floating waterfall. Half a dozen tall, thin trees line the courtyard on either side of the centerpiece.

Amelia is standing on the second floor balcony overlooking the main doors. She leans on the banister looking down at jendra as she approaches through the courtyard.

“Jendra, you know this isn’t going to end well”

Amelia Throws one of her closed bladed fans at Jendra then jumps of the balcony to attack with the other.


On first reading I agree with you, BUT we haven’t played a single game yet, so we don’t really know if it is flawed. I say we play a game first and then see about tweaking the rules. There are a lot of things we can learn from playing it first.

The truth is you didn’t need to post your dice as hidden. You choose your die, and then look at my hidden die. You then know if yours is higher or not.

In this case it is higher so you can just write that you chose a D6 and mine was a D4 so you have the Upper Hand, and I have the Flash of Insight

Since you know that you have the Upper Hand you would then just tell me what card you choose, D6, and begin writing the scene for the final duel, (see example page 16) as per the rules.

Once you have described the final setting you will also get to go on to the first maneuver (see example page 19)

Once you have done this, let me know and I will continue with my action and I will then continue on and describe the setting of our first meeting. I will also choose my attack card, and post in as hidden.

The Showdown begins

Maneuver: In anger and frustration, Jendra calls up to Amelia, “So, you still think you are better than everyone one around you.” and smashes a row of china vases with Gregreal.

The Showdown begins

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